QUESTION: We have a document production coming up in a city not listed on LitForce’s website. Can you still help us?

ANSWER: Definitely! Our primary purpose as a company is to help you facilitate all your out-of-town document production needs. If we do not have a contact yet where you are going, we will research the area and let you know what we find out. That way, you can focus on all the other issues at hand.


QUESTION: Does this include international locations?

ANSWER: Yes! That is one reason LitForce is growing so fast. No matter where your case takes you, we will put our resources to work for you.


QUESTION: What does it cost to use LitForce?

ANSWER: Absolutely nothing! We generate our revenues from the companies in our network, so the service is free to the legal community.


QUESTION: How many companies do you have in each city?

ANSWER: That depends on how large the city is, and how many good alternatives there are. Our goal at LitForce is to work with the BEST companies in each city, so we are very careful in our selections. Most of the time, we have one preferred vendor we call first in each city, and at least one backup.


QUESTION: How did LitForce choose its affiliates?

ANSWER: We chose our affiliates in each city after doing significant market research to find the leading companies there based on customer satisfaction, quality, and customer service. We believe our affiliates are the best companies to use in their local markets. After all, that is the heart of what we do. Each time we give you a referral, our name is on the line as well as theirs. That is why our interests are in line with yours.


QUESTION: Who will bill us?

ANSWER: In almost every case, you will receive an invoice directly from the company who actually performs the work. The only exception to that would be if you request one bill from one company for a multiple city project – you will then get one invoice from LitForce.


QUESTION: Why do I have to contact LitForce to get the information? Why don’t you put each company’s address and phone number on the website?

ANSWER: To serve you the best, LitForce keeps a record of all projects referred through the network. This enables us to perform the necessary follow-up work to ensure we constantly refer you to the best companies in every location.


QUESTION: Do I need to call LitForce if I go back to that same city for another document production or trial, or can I just call the company there direct?

ANSWER: As long as you were happy with the service the first time, we encourage you to call the company back directly for any follow-up work. We would appreciate you letting us know you used our network again, so an email or phone call is always appreciated, but not necessary. Our goal is to make your job easier, not more complicated.


QUESTION: Can we obtain national pricing through LitForce?

ANSWER: Yes, we can set up a national account for your firm or company with competitive pricing no matter where your cases take you.


QUESTION: How much does it cost a vendor to be part of the network?

ANSWER: LitForce does not require monthly fees for an affiliate that meets the selection criteria to join. Instead, we charge a percentage of each project, similar to the sales commissions normally paid within the industry.