Paper Discovery Services

While electronic documents get most of the headlines in the lit support industry today, paper documents still make up a significant portion of the discovery process.

Litigation Scanning and Copying

Our best-of-the-best network of litigation scanning and copying companies continues to be a resource that law firms, corporations, and litigation support providers rely on each and every day. Having started in 2000, this was our original goal – to research and find the best service providers in every major legal market in the U.S. in a very fragmented market. Our original list of 100 cities where we can provide service now expands to over 270 cities across the globe.

There are several options in the litigation coding and indexing market today. Many providers in this space are marketers who outsource to several different providers who in turn often outsource it to secondary providers as well. It is a scary thought to hand your data over to someone who might not be able to tell you exactly where it’s going. With LitForce, you can rest assured we are putting you in direct contact with the end provider of legal coding services so you know where your data is at all times.

Trial Support

Are you going out of town for a trial and looking for local document support while you are there? Do you need help with your war room design and setup? LitForce can put you in touch with a local affiliate who will take care of you like you’re a home town client for help with trial exhibit boards, rush copies, digital printing, and trial graphics needs.

Digital Printing

LitForce provides its clients with the ability to send documents electronically or via disk to another part of the country and print them out where they are needed. Our network covers over 270 locations, so we most likely will be able to print and deliver your documents in the time frame you need where you need it.

Electronic Discovery Services

Forensics / Data Collections

LitForce has certified data forensics professionals ready to go wherever you need them, from Shreveport to Shanghai. We can help you manage your forensically sound collection of ESI whether you have one custodian in one location or hundreds spread out internationally. With one call to LitForce, you can rest assured you’ll be referred to the best forensics provider or providers to meet specific requirements of your project, and we can provide centralized project planning and management for the entire process.

Early Case Assessment & Filtering

The effective use of software to quickly reduce the growing amount of ESI (Electronically Stored Information) to manageable data sets that are relevant to the issues at hand is one of the most effective ways to reduce electronic discovery costs relating to litigation and compliance matters. LitForce is constantly evaluating the latest technology available to accomplish this goal for our clients.

Electronic Discovery Processing & Production

With 80% of data created today estimated never to make it to paper format, the efficient processing of electronic discovery is more important than ever to litigation and compliance matters. LitForce works with best in class software and solutions providers to give our clients cutting edge and streamlined service, no matter the scope or deadline. The effective implementation of best practices in this area is one of the areas of greatest impact when it comes to cost savings. Since the LitForce business model is to find and work with the best providers, we are able to provide our customers with the latest technology solutions in a rapidly evolving area.

Online Document Hosting & Review

One of the most common and effective ways to manage the document review process in litigation and compliance matters is through a web-based document hosting and review platform. This allows an unlimited number of reviewers to be working collaboratively on the same set of documents. There are many solutions for this in our industry, and LitForce has access to virtually all of them. Our unbiased review of the latest tools allows us to recommend the review platform that works best for a particular matter, given the scope of the data set, how many users there will be, etc.

Software Evaluation & Selection

If you plan to bring all or a portion of your electronic discovery in house, our consultants can help you quickly identify the different types of solutions available today, including emerging technologies. Once a smaller group is selected, we will help you evaluate and select the best solution for you.

Additional Legal Services

Contract Attorney Services

In today’s global economy, it is becoming more common to outsource the initial document review to contract attorneys. This allows in-house and outside counsel law firms to allocate their resources to more effective and profitable areas while providing our corporate clients with significant savings.

Litigation Support Consulting & Training

LitForce has consultants who specialize in the lit support industry. Our consultants can help you analyze your corporate legal department to find ways to more efficiently handle paper and electronic based documents relating to litigation and compliance matters. For our affiliate service providers, we offer training focused on understanding the changes in our industry related to ESI and providing the best solutions to their clients.

Litigation Support Staffing

Our legal recruiting department works exclusively within the legal services and software industry. We have a clear understanding of the skills and personality profiles needed to succeed in our business today. If your plans include building an internal litigation support department, we maintain a strong base of litigation support specialists from New York to Los Angeles.

Medical Records Retrieval Services

National Court Reporting Services